Ceilings & Partitions

Divide and Conquer with our Ceiling and Partition Options

CGS Shopfitters offers tailored solutions for stylish feature ceilings and functional partitions for retail and office spaces. These can be complemented with a range of finishes such as wall paper, paint and plaster effects. Speak to us about our ceiling and partition offering, which includes the following:

Dry Walling and Partitions

CGS Shopfitters can erect dry walling to create partitions, offices, meeting rooms or client service areas that make optimal use of the available space and your practical requirements.

Wall Paper

Choose from a wide range of colourful, imaginative and textured wall paper coverings, expertly applied by our team of specialists.


CGS Shopfitters has skilled teams of painters who complete painting jobs quickly and skilfully. Choose from a variety of colours and paint types and also consider our range of well-executed paint effects.

Suspended Ceilings

We have proven skill and experience to design, manufacture and install different types of ceilings, including suspended ceilings and shaped ceilings.

Bulk Heads

Add style and beauty to ceiling areas with a bulk head option, ideal for recesses, shadow gaps and concealed light fittings.

Flush Plastered Ceilings

For new or refurbished sites, flush plastered ceilings transform a ceiling with subtle curves or sharp, clean lines. Our installations will help you to create an appealing mood, incorporating integrated lighting solutions for maximum effect.