Metal Works

Being under the same roof as the rest of our design and production services means we are able to keep our quality high and our product integration flawless.

Tig, Mig and Spot Welding  

With the range of welding equipment in our plant, we are able to fuse metals in various ways to meet the needs of your unique application. Whether you need strength, aesthetics or both, we have the correct method and skill 

Aluminium Welding & Manufacturing  

We are unique in that we can offer aluminium fabrication, laser cutting, bending and welding, which allows for an alternative to standard metal fabrication when the application needs to be both lightweight and rigid. Once again, this means we remove the barriers to realising your specific designs.  

Powder Coating & Electroplating  

We have partnerships with reputable and competent suppliers to deliver highquality finishes for our fabrications. With a comprehensive range of electroplating and powder coating finishes and colours, there is an option for every need. 

State othe Art Machinery  

From tube laser cutting, to highprecision raw material preparation, we have a fully equipped department to meet every need when it comes to highquality metal fabrication.