Painting & Finishes

We are extremely proud about the finishes we are able to achieve, and since it’s all in-house, we can ensure it complements our joinery perfectly.

Automated Spraying

We have invested heavily in automated spraying machinery from Germany. This complements our spray-painting facilities, including spray booths, hand sanders, an edge sander and a CNC drum sander. Our modern spray-painting facilities give us a competitive edge in the field.


For the ultimate finish, we offer a polishing service to achieve a mirror-like shine on our hi-gloss finishes. This process is extremely labour intensive and is achievable by only the most skilled craftsmen. Once completed, there are few finishes that can compare.


We work with and install the finest wallpapers and coverings from all over the world to accent our units and fittings, providing a unique feel and texture which painting cannot.


Using some of the best equipment available, we offer many different finishing options ranging from hi-gloss and satin PU, to stains and sealers, and monocoats and oils.